Aijecxss the Mad Scientist is a tough female Nobody with light blonde hair and calm brown-golden eyes with freckles. She's thirteen years old

She possesses the power of technology, and can control any techno-like item. Also, her right hand is bionic and metal, that holds almost any device, and she calls Shadow Fist. She is number XLVI and treats Xyarm as if she was her little sister.


Jessica's mother died soon after her birth from heart disease. She then lived with her father, Dr. Kianine (Kye-a-nine), who was a scientist, and didn't spen much time with her.

When she was eight, she walked down stairs into her father's lab. He was currently working on an experiment and something went wrong. The pieces exploded and they flew right towards her, severing her hand. She was rushed to the hospital.

While Jessica was in the hospital, which took a month, Dr. Kianine started working on a replacment for her hand, something that would make her feel better because it was so amazing. He worked on the bionic hand, since she also showed a passion for science and technology, and made it so it didn't have a skin covering. He, at the time, didn't know what size to make it, so he made it too big.

Then, Jessica arrived home, and he attached the hand onto her. She loved it.

Two years later, Dr. Kianine was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and died the next year.

Jessica couldn't make any money, only being eleven, and refused to forfeit to an orphanage. She slept on the streets and decided she would become like the Natives, hunting. She didn't know how to hunt, but she wasn't afraid. She had her hand.

While she was sleeping under a bush, some Heartless came and stole her heart. She then found the Organization and got her new name, Aijecxss.


Aijecxss is calm yet random, and frequently has random outbursts of laughter. Because of her distraught past, she's fearless.


She takes control of the techo-like items around her and has a bionic right hand that is larger that her left.



Aijecxss's right hand