Arxmeb the Spring Breeze is a female nobody with soft brown eyes and long chocolate-brown hair. She is fourteen years old.


Arxmeb and her twin sister, Cinxred, where raised in a nice loving family until the night before their thirteenth birthday, when their parents and all their possesions except for the things they had brought with them to their friend Yexlert's (Then Tyler) house was lost in a terrible, unstoppable fire. Alone and homeless, Arxmeb and Cinxred, then Amber and Cinder, managed to get enough food with the money they had brought with them, and enough supplies to live off of. It was around that time they became Nobodies. Later they were joined by Yexlert, who was left his parent's house seeking adventure after he too bacme a Nobody. Over a year after their parent's died, Arxmeb and Cinxred found Organization XIII.


Arxmeb is calm and shy, and It takes a while before she warms up to people and opens up to them. She is very secretive and talks to herslf in her mind and (When she think's nobody's listening) out loud. She loves reading, and loves getting into a book and getting lost in the place where she truly feels alive, in her imagination. She often daydreams. She also loves making art and playing and listening to music.


  • Arxmeb and Cinxred are based off of Cinderstar. Their personallities are the two different sides she has, her shy, quiet side, and her hyper, talkative side.