Axnamarian, The Chilling Frost, is a small, quiet, frosty, unusually cold, fierce, uncaring, brutal, thin, wiry, female Nobody with short white hair, usually held back with clips to keep hair from falling in her face, and glittering, frosty, sharp, alert, icy blue eyes.

She is member number XXXV in Organization XIII, and her attribute is frost. Her weapon is a kusarigama, colored in simple shades of white, brown and blue, that she calls Winter Shard. She is 10 years old. Her Somebody was called Annamaria.


Annamaria's family is unknown, it is assumed that she was raised in a rather abusive home with her mother, and her mother's boyfriends.

Escaping from this torture at around age nine, she lived on the streets, living as a theif under the master theif, the Gray Fox, whom thought of Annamaria as his own daughter.

Eventually, Annamaria was killed by a heartless, but, due to her strong will, managed to survive as Axnamarian.

She was inducted into The Organization as number XXXV, the Chilling Frost. Lexeaus took on the trouble to care for the girl.


Axnamarian is a cold, quiet girl, not caring for others unless it's needed. She's usually quiet, scheming in her head ways to attack, belittle, or embarrass others, but usually Lexeaus catches her before she can do her plan.

She truly cares for Lexeaus, but shows it in a different way than most people (or nobodies).


Axnamarian's abilities are similar to Vexen's, exept hers deal more in incapacitaing the enemy then doing dirrect damage. Frost chills the opponent into place, and then, until it melts, she can do whatever she wishes in terms of pain, although usually she perfers a humiliating way, which showcases her cruelty and immaturity.


  • Taxlryc shows an interest in caring for Axnamarian.