Beauxty, the Deadly Dawn, is a calm, cool, beautiful, occasionally quiet, helpful female Nobody with short pink hair and shining, gentle, deep sapphire blue eyes.

She is number XXXII of Organization XIII, and her attribute is Dawn. Her weapons of choice are three swords, one with a pale golden blade and a dark gray handle, another with a dark gray blade and a black handle with specks of red, and one with a dusky gray blade with specks of white on it and a black handle with a white moon on it, named Dawn's Fang, Blazing Truth, and Dusk's Claw. Her Somebody was called Beauty.


Beauty was born to Snow and Ice of the Babylon Empire, with Softon as her older brother. She was of royal blood, as Snow and Ice were the rulers.

However, the kingdom was annihilated, and Beauty was sent to another village to grow up.

She explored the Chrome-Dome Empire with Bo-bobo, gaining new friends along the way.

During a battle between the Shadow Czar, he delt an attack to her that caused her heart to split into two different people: her, and her Nobody, Beauxty.

Some time after the fight, Xemnas found her and brought her to the Organization, making her a member.

Beauxty is seen relaxing on the trip to Cedar Point, and is assigned a room with Xemnas.

She accidentally scares Xemnas with audio from a game on her laptop, but seems unaffected by the audio by next morning.


Much different than her Somebody, Beauxty is very calm and cool, though she can freak out like her Somebody if provoked enough.

She has a love for anime and manga, and may sneak manga books into her sleeves on missions. She has recently developed a love for The Hunger Games and the light novels Baccano! and Durarara!!.

She has a crush on Xemnas, but he does not return it.


As her attribute is Dawn, she can use small particles of light to temporarily blind her opponents. When holding one of her swords, she can channel her power into the blade for greater damage.


  • She is based off of the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo character Beauty.
  • Despite having three swords, she only uses one unless she feels it's necesarry for more.
  • Her attribute is not to be confused with Roxas's attribute of light.
  • Her birthday is December 24.