Bexrort, The Rainfall Demon, is a tall, quiet, stoic, thoughtful, demonic, wicked, fierce, cruel when provoked, lithe, muscular, male nobody with shaggy, long, thick black hair, long legs, long arms, strong, large hands, long legs, a lip piercing, and usually narrowed, sharp, light green eyes.

He is member number XXXVIII in Organization XIII, and his attribute is rain. His weapon is a small dagger, colored in varying shades of blue, which he calls Droplet. He is 24. His Somebody was called Robert.


Bexrort was born as Robert, into a family that lived in the Enchanted Dominion. Under the rule of Malificent, Robert's parents were killed by heartless at a young age, so he lived alone, hiding from the ominous shadows that Maleficent cast over the land.

Eventually, he was hired for Maleficent's royal guard, but was killed by heartless a few days after. Due to his strong will, he was named Bexrort, and gained control over the rain.

He met Rannext, and they became close, having a 'friends with benefits' sort of relationship, with some hidden feelings within.

He is later sleeping on the Cedar Point trip.


Bexrort is a devious, cold nobody who normally is found asleep, showing just how uncaring he is to the Organization's goal. When awake, he is normally silent and stoic, observing everyone with cold eyes.

When around Rannext, however, he lightens up, giving people nicknames (Such as Ranne, Xem, Mora, ect.), and being a more likeable nobody.


Bexrort has control over the rain, being able to call forth rain from anywhere (except for when he's inside), and controlling it, such as freezing it and evaporating it. He uses his abilities to conceal him when he goes up for the kill, as he fights more like an assassin than most other nobodies do.