Elainex, the Haunting Echo, is a tall, pretty, big-chested, teenage girl Nobody with pink hair done up in a ponytail, icy blue eyes and a red band around forehead.

She is member XXXIII of Organization XIII, and her attribute is sound. Her weapon is a fan that can produce soundwaves that tear at the enemy, which she calls Vestibulum Boare. She is around 15-17. Her Somebody was called Elaine.


Elaine was born in a place known as Peargrove Woods as the middle child of a huge family. She often kept the peace between siblings, though she wished sometimes to be an only child.

One day, Heartless swarmed her home, and Elaine was killed by one. Her will let her live on as a Nobody. She was found and renamed Elainex, being made a member of the Organization.

She later found Ellex before she joined the Organization and brought her with. Ellex was given her name and rank. Within days, Ellex quickly referred to Elainex as "Ellie-onee-chan", much to Elainex's displeasure.

Elainex also had to mentor Ellex, despite her protests.

On the trip to Cedar Point, Elainex is annoyed by Ellex and Rannext poking her.


Elainex tends to be grouchy and cold on some days, but she still remembers well what it's like to have siblings, and looks out for the younger members of the Organization as though they were her siblings. On missions, she's more willing to cooperate and will risk being in danger to protect her teammates.


Elainex has power over soundwaves. Her weapon is a feathered fan which can quickly turn into steel depending on the enemy, and is called Vestibulum Boare, meaning Sound Scream in Latin. Using her fan, Elainex can whip soundwaves at her opponent, tearing at them. She is mediocre at close combat fighting, however, despite her fan's ability to turn into steel.


  • She is based off of Phoenix's character from Dragon Quest IX, Elaine.
  • Her birthday is May 1st.