Ellex, the Paper Moon, is a young, tanned, energetic, childish, adorable female Nobody with long brown hair, greenish-blue eyes, and a leaf mark on one of her hands.

She is number XXXIV, her attribute is Dusk, and her weapon is a black and red scythe she calls Soul Eater. Her Somebody was named Lele.


Lele was born to Alice and Oz as an only child. From a young age, she shows an interest in the outdoors and music.

Becoming too brave, she foolishly challenges a Heartless and is killed by it. Her strong will allows her to live on as a Nobody.

Elainex finds her and takes her into the Organization, where she is made a member and renamed Ellex. Elainex is given the job to mentor her, much to her displeasure.

Ellex is very hyper on the trip to Cedar Point.


Ellex is a hyper young girl who loves to listen to music and move around. She thinks of Elainex as an older sister, and is rarely serious for a moment.

She tends to get dirty thoughts if the right words are said.


As her attribute is Dusk, she is able to fortify her scythe's blade so it slices cleaner. She can also use a dark gray substance to trap her foes.


  • She is based off a MySims character Phoenix created.
  • Her birthday is October 13th.
  • Her weapon and its name is based off the anime Soul Eater.