Fixa, the Icy Mage, is a calm, entertaining, handsome, smart, playful young man with blonde hair and sky blue eyes.

He is number LI of Organization XIII, and his attribute is Snow. His weapon is a long, thin golden staff that is decorated with jewels at the top and a blue crystal in the top of it, which he calls Blizzard's Revenge. His age is unknown. His Somebody was named Fai.


He was born in another world, Valeria, as Prince Yui, with a twin brother, Prince Fai. Twins were considered to be bad luck in Valeria (proof of this would be his mother dying soon after their birth and crops failing), so he and his brother were imprisoned in a valley that sealed their magical powers that was usually used to contain slaughtered criminals.

Not long after, the king of Valeria went insane and murdered the entire population of Valeria save the twins, comitting suicide shortly after falling into the very same valley Fai and Yui were imprisoned in.

Fei Wong appeared and made a deal to Fai: one of them could escape, but the price would be their brother's life. Fai agreed and was killed. Shortly after, a wizard named Ashura appeared to the surviving twin and offered to bring him to his world. Yui agreed, taking the name Fai.

As Fai grew up, he obtained the title of "D", and was given the last name "Flourite", similar to the stone in Celes. He became a powerful wizard, becoming heartbroken when he discovered Ashura was murdering members of Celes. He put Ashura to sleep before leaving to Yuko's shop.

A chain of events occured, leading him to lose an eye, thus creating his Nobody. Fai-Nobody wandered around the worlds, finding other Nobodies as well. His group eventually wound up where the Organization was vacationing and became members of the Organization, gaining the name Fixa.


He is very happy-go-lucky, cheerful and playful most of the time, smiling when nothing too bad is happening. He loves to tease people, as it reminds him vaguely of one of his friends.


His attribute is Snow. He can create snowstorms with a snap of the finger. He's better at magic, though only ice-related spells, with his staff.


  • He is based off the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle character, Fai D. Flourite.
  • His birthday is December 25th
  • There are alternate spellings of Fai D. Flourite: Fye or Fay D. Flowright or Florite. The spelling used for this characteri s Fai. D Flourite.