Izayax, the Nimble Informant, is a slightly small, clever, sly, nimble young man with blackish-brown hair and crimson eyes

He is member LII of Organization XIII, and his attribute is Shadows. His weapon is a switchblade that is yet to be named. He claims to be 21, but is possibly 23. His Somebody is named Izaya.


Izaya was born to Heiwa and Kyo Orihara in Shinjuku. When he was about 10 years old, Mairu and Kururi were born, and he immediately loved them.

However, the year he was to finish middle school, Heiwa was murdered, and Kyo started to become distant, eventually leaving one day. Izaya began to take care of his younger sisters, taking a job as an informant to support him.

He met several people who would later be his allies or enemies: Shizuo, Shinra and Kyohei.

Shinra at one point was stabbed, and Izaya vowed revenge for him.

When he discovered the Dollars, he joined the gang and spread the word about the site, which led the Dollars to become a popular internet gang.

A long time later, he was stabbed by a man named Yadogiri Jinnai, and began to lose hope that he would get revenge for Shinra, thus creating his Nobody.

His Nobody began to form a group with other Nobodies, wandering around other worlds until they found themselves where the Organization was vacationing and became members of the Organization, he receiving the name Izayax.


He is a clever young man, though because his Somebody still lives, he doesn't have all of his memories, only his name. He, Taghlix and Lexlouch are all smart enough to be able to think their way out of most situations, but Izaya is the best out of them at fighting.


His Attribute is Shadows. He can hide in the shadows completely and use them as quick teleporters from place to place, only being able to transport to any place with shadows within a 5 mile radius. He is already a very nimble fighter, preferring to strike quickly before backing away.


  • He is based off the Durarara!! character, Izaya Orihara.
  • His birthday is May 21.