Moranxa, The Loveless Dream is a quiet, unemotional, focused, precise, sharp, distant, haunted, fierce in battle, lean, female nobody with long, thick black hair, large "assets", short legs, and pale, intense, luminous blue eyes.

She is number XXXIX in the Organization, and her attribute is human conciousness and thoughts, mainly dreams. She fights with a large steel warhammer, colored in blue, gray and dark brown, that she calls Mutilation of Thoughts. She is 20 years old, and her Somebody was named Ramona.


Moranxa was born on a distant island called the Shivering Isles, and was abandoned by her insane mother (at around the age of 14) when she was taken into a mental hospital.

Living on the streets for awhile, she was eventually taken in by a man by the name of Davide, and she lived with him until her home was stormed by heartless, killing Davide and turning her into a nobody.

She was discovered by Vexen, whom trained her and her abilities of manipulating the human conciousness.

She later is seen on the Cedar Point trip, reading and sitting next to Vexen.


Moranxa is a quiet, rather unemotional nobody, having come to terms with her lack of emotions.

She also feels that not having emotions allows her to use her abilities better.


Moranxa's attribute is the human conciousness, and she can manipulate how people think, and to a greater extent, their actions. She uses these powers a lot in battle, and while she does this to make them tranquil, she bashes them over the head with her warhammer.