Rannext, The Blazing Chain, is a tall, easy-going, lean, cheerful, guarded, mysterious, happy-go-lucky, observant, bright-minded, playful, childish, wicked, male nobody with shaggy, spikey, slightly long firey-red hair, long legs, a lean, muscular build, a blinded eye, which he covers with an eyepatch, and an alert, sharp, intense, bright amber/gold eye.

He is member number XXXVII in Organization XIII, and his attribute is embers. His weapon is a wrecking ball suspended on a chain, colored in dark gray, the wrecking ball swirled black and bright red, which he calls Crushing Flare. He is 21. His Somebody was called Tanner.


Rannext was born in Radiant Garden, with a sister, named Eliza. The two were close, but after Tanner left to go to college, Elixa faded into obcurity, only keeping contact with her brother through cryptic letters.

Tanner eventually fell in love with a girl named Delilah, and they later were going to marry.

Eventually, both Delilah and Tanner were attacked by Heartless, and only Tanner, with his strong will, lived on as a Nobody.

He was cristened Rannext, and developed the ability to control embers.

He became good friends with Vexen, to everyone's suprise.

When Bexrort joined the Organization, the two become close, and eventually start up a 'friends with benefits' sort of relationship, with deeper feelings intertwined within.

On the Cedar Point trip, he is seen comforting Xion after N left in Pokemon Black, and annoying Elainex with Ellex.


Rannext is a bright, bubbly guy, with a big heart (or an illusion of one). He loves to chill out mainly, and can sleep wherever he desires, be it in the middle of a mission or anywhere you can imagine.

He is quite mysterious though, especially when the subject of his missing eye is brought up.


Rannext has the attribute of embers, which most would think is a weaker form of fire. To Rannext, this is not the case, and he weilds it as a slow-burning fire that stays lit for a long time. He usually alights the end of his wrecking ball on fire, as to cause more damage when he uses it.


  • He lost his eye in a house fire at a young age.