Taghlix, the Curious Writer, is a calm, intelligent, slightly handsome man with light brown hair and brown eyes.

He is member L of Organization XIII, and his attribute is words. His weapon is a pen that can turn into a knife, which he calls Hidden Surprise. He is about 21. His Somebody was called Light.


Light was born and raised in Japan with a sister. He became one of the smartest people in his town, growing bored with the way his world worked.

One day, Ryuk, a Shinigami, dropped his Death Note near Light, thus starting a chain of events that eventually led to Light dying of a heart attack.

Due to his strong wish for justice, he survived as a Nobody, and was found by a group of Nobodies. They wandered until they found themselves at the hotel the Organization was staying in and became members.


Taghlix is a calm, cold, collected individual. He can think his way out of certain situations, but he's not that great when it comes to physical activities compared to other members of the Organization.


With his pen/knife, he's better in close combat. His power of words allows him to silence people for short periods of time, which would be enough for him to disarm magic users before they're able to use magic again.


  • He is based off the Death Note character, Light Yagami.
  • There is irony in his number and his name: L is the name of the character that serves as Light's rival throughout the majority of Death Note, and as L is the roman numeral for 50, Taghlix is technically L.
  • His birthday is January 28, the same day his Somebody died.
  • His favorite food is apple, while he hates sweets.