Taxlyrc, The Diamond of Truth, is a stoic, emotionless, cold, frosty, stubborn, aggressive, pessimistic, depressed, mournful, lean, tall, younger than she looks, female nobody with long, pale dirty blonde hair, usually kept in a tight, no-nonsense bun, long, slim-fingered hands, and sharp, cold, steely-gray eyes.

She is member number XXXVII in Organization XIII, and her attribute is minerals, but she dabbles in diamonds more than any other kind of mineral. Her weapon is Nunchaku, which are colored in basic black, and she calls them Gems of Justice. She is 30 years old. Her Somebody was called Crystal.


Taxlyrc was born in Agrabah, and she loved minerals and the earth since then. She was sickly as a child, and eventually her parent's moved, through dubious means, from sunny and mineral-rich Agrabah, to cool, stable, and boring Dwarf Woodlands.

Crystal longed for her original home, but couldn't leave do to her illnesses that she concieved there.

She eventually met a love, named George, and the two were later married. Crystal got her dream job, a geologist, and her time with George was the happiest time of her life, and she later found out she was expecting his child.

Tradgedy stuck when she was attacked by Heartless when out in the field. George commited suicide after he found out his true love was dead.

Crystal lived on, becoming a nobody. She was dubbed Taxlyrc.

Taxlyrc became intrigued with Xaldin, for the man's intrest in making her feel better, and for his very slight resemblence to her late husband. They have become almost inseperable.

When Axnamarian joined the Organization, she showed great interest in rasing her, as a means to replace the child she lost.

She is later seen with Xaldin on the Cedar Point trip, laying on his shoulder as she watched the movie.


Taxlyrc is a silent, cold nobody who doesn't do anything for others, unless she gains something from it. She is quite guarded and protected, and doesn't like to show weaknesses to anyone.

Around Xaldin, she becomes almost a different person, smiling and laughing, and other things she doesn't normally do.

On the inside, she still is traumatised at her husband's death, and at her miscarriage.


Taxlyrc has control over minerals and gems, but she chooses to focus on diamonds because they don't break easily like normal gems. She can call them from the air, and rain them down on her opponents, or strengthen her nunchaku, by encasing them with diamonds.


  • She has true feelings for Xaldin.